Empower your customers to go carbon-neutral and build a brand that stands for climate action

Differentiate your sustainability advantage and win customers with a solution that reverses climate change

98% of consumers expect brands to drive positive change

10 years ago sustainability was a niche luxury. Today it is a mainstream customer checkmark. You have it, or you stay out of the game. Mainstream comes with risks and living up to the consumer expectations is often a riddle. We solved it for you, making sure our service meets present demands as much as future expectations, evolving ahead of the curve.

  • 72% of consumers reflect on their footprint
  • 70% of want to know if the product they buy is sustainable
  • 92% of consumers prefer transparent brands
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6 steps to transform lifestyles and evolve your brand

Olive Gaea Business Soluction Six Steps

Help you your customers act on climate

Give them tools to drive change and help them scale up their positive impact

Omnichannel retail with options made to fit

Our white-label, customizable & simple API let’s you start acting on climate in hours. Get a perfect balance of simplicity and functionality. We’ve received splendid feedback on the app integrations provided, while always glad to break new ground. Pick from the below or order a solution that fits your unique needs.

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Fuel Delivery

Fuel Delivery

Car, Bus & Train

Car, Bus & Train

Merchant & Retail

Merchant & Retail


F&B Outlet

Booking Flights

Booking Flights


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If you can’t see your business here, get in touch with us and we shall help you

Get ambitious about climate change with our tailored plans

Olive Gaea exists to help you confidently lead on climate in your niche, industry or region. Beyond providing you with the tools, we listen to ensure that your business gets the most out of it, while you stakeholders appreciate your choices.

Mubtadi | Core

Annual renewal

  • Instant integration
  • API-enabled “Act on Climate” Button
  • Trees planted in your customer’s name
  • Gold Standard & Verra certified offsets
  • Transparent Blockchain & Geo-Tagging
  • Supreme dashboard, data-driven insights
  • OG Green Tile & Climate Leadership Badge
  • OG Merchant Directory standard listing
  • 24/7 tech support

Khabir | Advanced

Annual renewal

  • All features of Mubtadi Plan
  • Bespoke offsets aligned to your goals
  • Custom reward program for your customers
  • Elegant landing page
  • Omnichannel retail support
  • OG Social Media dedicated posts
  • OG Website Climate Leaders directory
  • OG Merchant Directory premium listing
  • Transform you brand towards sustainability
  • Your personal account team

Let’s work on a solution that works for you!